East West

This project aims to tap into the discipline of literary writing and explore it through the elements of design. East West is a set of two books that visually imitate pantone books but narrate stories from the book East, West by Salman Rushdie through colour. The colours in the first book, Colours in East, West are plotted according to Rushdie’s literal mention of colours in the text. The second book, Colours of East, West, represent the emotional transition in the stories as the colours are named and chosen according to colour psychology. The two books together narrate the stories through colour as information and colour as emotion. Each colour is named and numbered in order to increase the likeness to an actual pantone book so as that an audience is deceived by its appearance and eventually surprised by its content. 

East West was a finalist in the Print Design Category at the 2014 RGD Student Awards and this is what the judges had to say about it:
"This piece makes me want to pick up, East, West and comb the contents page-by-page. I think the mapping of literal and emotional colours across the book are engaging ways to see how things sift throughout the tome at a glance, and fanning these side by side reveals literary craft at its finest."

Guide to read Colours in East, West: East (sub section)-3 (first story)-INF (informational palette)-32 (word number) Pinked Skin (colour name as mentioned in the book) 60 (colour intensity)

Guide to read Colours of East, West: East (sub section)-1 (first story)-EM (emotional palette)-5-16 (emotional transition through page numbers) Loving Arguments (colour name given by the designer) 80 (colour intensity)