The Hab

The Hab, a retail store in Mumbai was conceived as a solution to introduce, sell and promote a new range of sewing machines targeting a younger audience. A sewing machine has radically changed lives since its invention back in the 19th century. It became a household necessity back in the days and has empowered the DIY movement in the 21st century.

Situated between the intersection of craft and design, The Hab aims to be a haberdashery like no other. It is a space that nurtures creativity by emphasizing the handmade. The audience can explore the contemporary culture of sewing with an influence of fashion. The Hab offers an extensive range of laces, buttons, patterns and many more products that are sold along with the sewing machines, making it a one stop shop for an ardent sewer. The brand's visual language was developed to change the perception of sewing, from a serious task to a fun and creative experience.

StudioGrandmother India Design

Creative Director: Kurnal Rawat

Designers: Malika Soin, Hiren Dedhia and Jahanvi Patel


A 'starter kit' that informs and educates an audience about the store and its possibilities

Product leaflets

Concept sketch for an installation titled, "Stitch Library" that displays a variety of stitches that can be achieved using the sewing machines on display and their creative usage

Physical translation of the digital stitch diagrams